Writers “Rooms”

Despite being fundamentally solitary creatures I think writer’s have a great need for community. Getting to spend a few days in the home of fellow writers Emma Newman and Peter Newman has been bracing and rejuvenating. It’s like being at a convention without all the stress or in a writer’s room in Hollywood without all the stress.

We’ve talked about the business of writing, the craft of writing, run ideas past each other (thanks guys you helped me immeasurably with the tricky bit that’s going to come at the end of the first book of the space opera) our fears and our frustrations. It’s so good to know that other people have experienced or are experiencing the emotions that are bedeviling you.

In addition to all three of us being writers we also share a love of role playing games and video games. I’m also getting a lesson on how really bright, really sensible people raise an amazing child. Their son is only seven, but the brightest most articulate child I’ve ever met.

Oh, and they introduced me to Professor Elemental the most wonderful geek, steam punk rap artist in the world. Actually he’s probably the only geek, steam punk rap artist in the world. Here’s a link to his Facebook page.Professor Elemental

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