Robin Sachs R.I.P.

It’s a strange phenomenon when a person who has entered our homes either through television or been a familiar figure in movies dies.  You feel a sense of connection, and can feel grief for that loss.  But I’m feeling it all the more strongly with word that the very talented Robin Sachs who voiced so many games has died at age 61.  I feel especially close to that actor because he voiced characters with whom I’ve gone adventuring.  As Zaeed Massani in Mass Effect 2 and 3, he imparted wisdom to my (in Zaeed’s opinion) wet-behind-the-ears Shepard.  He brought Seneschal Varel to life in Dragon Age:  Awakenings.  In fact I badly wanted to take him along as a companion rather then the ones I had.  He was nicely sinister in Buffy.  This is a real loss to the industry.  To be a great voice actor is a real gift, and Robin Sachs possessed it.  Sad news.

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