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I’ve been on a non-fiction kick for the past month.  Maybe because I’m having to wait for new novels from my friends and talented authors — James S.A. Corey, Daniel Abraham, Drew Karpyshyn, Emma Newman, — hurry up, guys.

Anyway, I started this non-fiction kick with Rachel Madow’s terrific book DRIFT.  It outlines the subtle steps that have occurred since the 1950’s that have undermined the Constitution and it’s ability to keep us from entering wars on a whim.  It also points out the amount of money we have spent militarizing the United States and it’s sickening. A lot of schools, roads, and bridges could have been built with that money, and a lot of kids sent to college.

Next up were a couple of books by Dan Savage the gay sex advice columnist.  I’ve heard him interviewed and found him to be witty and insightful so I bought a couple of his books.  THE COMMITMENT is about how he and his now husband came to marry in Canada before it was widely legal in the U.S.  The book is tender, and thoughtful, and screamingly funny in places.

I also read his SAVAGE NATION.  In it he has a short one act play that features Jesus and an anti-gay bigot, and it had me rolling with laughter and terrifying the cats.  The books are not just the story of him and his husband and son, but have interesting insights into building strong relationships.

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