Random Thursday Thoughts

I’m not religious.  In short I don’t believe any longer, but my dad was a Jesuit educated, liberal Catholic and I occasionally miss the pageantry and the music.  And now there is this amazing pope.  He’s going to go a long way toward bringing back disaffected American Catholics.  I can respect him even though I don’t believe in the mythical figure he serves.  What a relief after the last pope who seemed so cruel.  I suppose I should be surprised.  Pope Joey was the head of the inquisition.  Francis is a Jesuit and a Franciscan.  It seems like a pretty could mix of heart and mind.

Last night I picked a less sympathetic response in Knights of the Old Republic and we ended up killing the son of one of my companions.  A kid we had come to rescue.  Good thing I had saved before the confrontation because forcing a father to kill his own child was not my idea of cool.  I do wonder if there would have been consequences from that?  Would that companion abandon you?  In Dragon Age I bet he would, and that would be good.  There should be consequences to these games.

I’m going to a birthday celebration and fund raiser for our terrific Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grisham tonight.  Even though I’m not in her district I’ll support her every  way I can.

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