Phillipa Continues to Rule

So Library Journal has weighed in with a very nice review of BOX OFFICE POISON. I am baffled by the reaction to these Linnet Ellery books. Is it just because I broke the urban fantasy trope by having the supernaturals be in positions of real power and authority instead of hiding in the shadows? Because I had my protagonist be a professional woman who doesn’t have a stiletto up her sleeve? I have joked to my editor and my agent that when we reissue the Edge books I ought to have them put Phillipa’s name on the books. The long delay between book one and two sure didn’t help, but I also think the rather (forgive me) edgy topic that I was exploring in those books might have subconsciously affected the reviewers. I didn’t get bad reviews. I just didn’t get glowing reviews like I’m getting for the urban fantasy series.

It also appears that I have a gift for writing in first person. My first Noel story in Wild Cards was very well received and that was in first person. Of course I’ve just delivered the third book in third person. I did Richard’s sections in first person in book two, but I kind of hate the mix of first and third. All first is hard because you can’t cut away to another POV, and Richard is not as breezy and quippy and bright as Linnet so maybe his voice wouldn’t be as distinct.

All of this are interesting things to contemplate even if I have no conclusion worthy of that title.

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  • Ariel says:

    If I’m doing a REVIEW for any of the markets I write for, I am of csuroe careful to avoid spoilers. However, if I am doing criticism and analysis, including Wikipedia articles and the like, then spoilers are generally necessary in order to do the job right.

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