Gotham — Must Rant

I watched the second episode of Gotham today.  I should have been working, but I’m trying to clear off the DVR.  What a mistake.  The only good thing was Sean Pertwee in a scene with Lucius Fox.  This entire episode was a lesson in what not to do starting with false jeopardy/tension.  If anybody hates SPOILERS stop now.

So Baby Batman has discovered daddy’s secret hide out, and starts to access the computer which Alfred smashes.  Then Bruce “fires” him.  One teensy, weeny, tiny problem — Alfred is Bruce’s legal guardian and the kid’s a minor.  Presumably Bruce can’t write checks to pay the bills on the mansion so Alfred tells the kid to shut up and take it until he’s 18 or 21 or whatever the will states. Also Alfred claims he just wants to protect Bruce from whatever his father discovered.  So he just leaves?

Then a scene or two later Bruce catches Alfred at the train station and they settle their differences.  Which means it wasn’t actually a problem so it’s false beat that doesn’t lead to an honest emotional reaction on the part of the viewer.  It’s just manipulative and not ever well done manipulation because Alfred accepting his fired was stone stupid.

Next we have Gordon who decides punt his brain in a spectacular fashion.  He chases after Crazy Barbara without back up and gets the shit beat out of him while the crazies kill all the cops in the precinct.  We’ve already seen these guys stage an event.  It doesn’t occur to Bruce that this is a set up?  So now our lead character has also been damaged even more then they damaged him last week.  Now he’s venal and stupid.  Makes me want to cheer for him.

Cameron Monaghan is doing his damndest as Baby Joker and he does crazy very well, but a parade of horror and villains can’t save this show.

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