Yeah, That Ending Thing Again

SMASH the NBC show about the trials and tribulations of bringing a show to Broadway was, alas, cancelled at the end of their second season.  I really loved the show, but then I’m a singer and have performed in a lot of broadway shows with the New Mexico Civic Light Opera.  I fell in love with the dreadful, womanizing director played by Jack Davenport, it was a great nuanced performance.  The two young women had amazing voices, and I enjoyed and bought a lot of the music from BOMBSHELL.  They handled a writer’s tribulations very well.  I liked the show so I was sorry to see it end.

But they ended it beautifully.  Once they knew they were finished they gave us a wrap up by ending everything at the Tony awards where they built in a few surprises.  But more importantly they resolved every character’s emotional and personal journey, and it made me feel good.  I was sorry the show was over but I didn’t feel unsatisfied or as if things had been left unfinished because there was closure and a resolution for these people I’d come to care about.

So big kudos to Theresa Rebek the playwright who created the show for giving me a real ending.  Game companies…. are you listening?

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