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That’s my excuse for why I’ve been a stranger for so long, and it’s just so easy to pop up a little post on Facebook.  Anyway, we had the big DANGEROUS WOMEN launch party at the Jean Cocteau theater on Monday.  7 writers, 2 editors and a partridge in a pear tree.  Okay, there wasn’t actually a partridge.  It was a lively evening with interesting questions posed by George, brilliantly witty comments by Gardner Dozios, and insightful comments by the likes of Carrie Vaughn, Diana Rowland, Meaghan Lindholm, Diana Gabaldon, Sam Sykes, S.M. Stirling and moi.  The only little dance was the fact we wrecked George’s big intros and our entrances because we would have had to wait outside, and it was 9 degrees with a strong wind blowing and we were freezing so we all trooped in and huddled by the door as he introduced us.  We discussed what makes women dangerous.  Why we chose to write male or female characters.  I think I pick male characters because a.) I really like men, and b.) there were no strong women role models when I was a little girl.  The boys were having all the fun and all the adventures.  For Carrie Vaughn who is a generation behind me this wasn’t the case.  She had The Bionic Women and Wonder Woman, and some animation characters as well.

I have been getting very nice feedback on my story in DANGEROUS WOMEN which is set in my space opera universe.  It has inspired me to finish up the sample chapters.  Now all that remains is to sketch out the six book arc and send the entire package off to my agent for submission right after the holidays.  I hope it sells.  I’ve been living in this universe for a long time.  I’d like to realize it.

I’m in the middle of the next Wild Card story for HIGH STAKES, and I’m struggling to finish the next urban fantasy in my contract — PUBLISH AND PERISH.  The face I got big praise from Kirkus who listed BOX OFFICE POISON as one of the best S.F. and fantasy books of 2013 and sort of left me frozen.  How can I match what I did before?  Especially when this current book sucks so much.  But of course I feel like that about every book as I approach that final “run for the credits”.  If you’d like to see the other books that were selected you can find the link here.Best Science Fiction.

I’m hoping to get a script assignment for a new show on SyFy, but that won’t happen until after the holidays.  And now it’s the holidays.  Oh, lud!

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