We’re Live!

So I now have this awesome new website with a cleaner, more updated design.  Many thanks to the team at Orphic Workshop.  I’m hoping this will be easier to navigate, I’ll write more posts, and more folks will stop by.  I’ll try to be as good about showing up here as I am on Facebook.  🙂  I have this feeling that what I post here should be important, or at least somewhat significant, but maybe that’s the wrong outlook.  Maybe this ought to just be a place where I break the isolation of life and day job.  Writing is such a solitary profession.  I think that’s why I loved being on a TV show so much.  I could walk next door or down the hall, and bounce an idea off another writer.  It’s such fun when you are working with smart, talented people.

Anyway, do stop by and check out the new look.

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