ThisCase-240x360Box Office Poison

What happens when The Firm meets Anita Blake?

You get the Halls of Power – our modern world, but twisted. Law, finance, the military and politics are under the sway of long-lived vampires, werewolves and the elven Alfar. Humans make the best of rule by “the spooks,” and contend among themselves to affiliate with the powers that be in order to avoid becoming their prey. Very loyal humans are rewarded with power over other women and men. Very lucky humans are selected to join the vampires, werewolves and elves – or on occasion, to live at the Seelie Court.

Linnet Ellery is the offspring of an affluent Connecticut family dating back to Colonial times. Fresh out of law school, she’s beginning her career in a powerful New York “White-Fang” law firm. She has high hopes of eventually making partner.

But strange things keep happening to her. In a workplace where some humans will eventually achieve immense power and centuries of extra lifespan, office politics can be vicious beyond belief. After some initial missteps, she finds herself sidelined and assigned to unpromising cases. Then, for no reason she can see, she becomes the target of repeated, apparently random violent attacks, escaping injury each time through increasingly improbably circumstances  However, there’s apparently more to Linnet Ellery than a little old-money human privilege. More than even she knows. And as she comes to understand this, she’s going to shake up the system like you wouldn’t believe . . .

“Phillipa is a great writer, and she has the inside scoop on the world she’s writing about. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.”

Carrie Vaughn, bestselling author of the Kitty Norville series


“A superb debut from a great new talent in the genre. Phillipa Bornikova is an author to watch!”

Cathy Clamp, USA Today bestselling author.


“John Grisham meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Bornikova writes like a real pro, and This Case is Gonna Kill Me is a fast, fun, furious read.”

M.L.N. Hanover, Author of The Black Sun’s Daughter


“Phillipa Bornikova is perhaps not the first person to compare attorneys to vampires, but her exciting debut, This Case Is Gonna Kill Me, is a fresh take on both urban fantasy and the classic legal thriller. Linnet Ellery is a smart heroine who tackles the cutthroat world of vampire law with both wit and bravery. An intelligent, gripping debut!”

Jaye Wells, Author of the Sabina Kane series