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I finally set down with the XBox and Netflix and started streaming the first season of Arrow.  I finished season one last night after a number of nights of joyful binge watching.  I really like this show.  It’s got a great look, quite good scripts, a terrific cast and characters I’ve come to care about.  It also doesn’t hurt that Stephen Amell is gorgeous and he frequently takes his shirt off.  It’s nice to have some eye candy for the ladies.  We are so often forgotten in the mad pursuit of boobs on the tube.

But back on topic — One of the things that’s impressed me about the show is the depth and complexity of the women characters.  In particular the computer genius Felicity, the bratty but fascinating sister Thea, the family obsessed matriarch of the Queen family, the mad sociopath Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress, Shado – the woman who taught Oliver his fighting skills, McKenna Hall a cop and brief girlfriend of Oliver’s, Laurel Lance — the love of Oliver’s life.  That’s actually the least satisfying of the women for me because she has to be so good and so noble, but she is a woman with goals and agency and not just a prize.

I was pondering why there were so many interesting women in this show, and then I took a hard look at the credits, and there is a huge number of women writers and writer/producers working the show.  It’s not all that common to find a lot of women working on shows that are perceived as “action” oriented.  Usually you see a preponderance of woman on (for me) gag making shows like Touched By an Angel or Little House on the Prairie, Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman.

I think one of the reasons I sparked so strongly to Arrow (pecs and six packs aside) is this varied and interesting cast of complex women.  And the action is just great, thank you, on the show.  Take it from a woman who was once known in the business as “that chick who writes action”, women are perfectly capable of writing a kick ass fight scene, and also be interested in a nuanced character moment.

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  • Melinda Snodgrass says:

    There are a couple of things that make me giggle a bit in Arrow. One is how quickly he can change clothes into the leather pants. As someone who wears full seat leather breeches every day they don’t slide on all that fast.

    And the stubble — seriously, a billionaire can’t afford a razor? And what is it with the stubble on leading men right now?

  • Almost every one of these characters mentioned actually gets even more interesting in the second season. I love the show!

    • Melinda Snodgrass says:

      I started watching season 2 tonight. I’m liking it so far with the caveat that I am getting really tired of Laurel-in-danger. I really hope they let up on that trope.

  • wolflahti says:

    Season one was pretty good, then it fell completely apart, with the principles making stupid decisions right and left and ridiculous motivations for the villains. I’m not even following it anymore.

    • Melinda Snodgrass says:

      I’m three episodes in and still enjoying it very much apart from the Laurel in danger thing they are overplaying.

  • Melinda Snodgrass says:

    They telegraphed it by a mile that Laurel was going to get into substance abuse. A little tedious. But it is fun watching The Canary aka Sarah kick ass and take names. I like the fact Arrow has a Scooby Gang, and it’s a good Scooby Gang.

  • Melinda Snodgrass says:

    I do have to say that ancient and secret assassin guilds always make me giggle. Even if the fight sequences are fun the whole idea is rather dumb.

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