This Shit Needs to Stop

So a third prominent woman in the gaming industry has been threatened with rape and death.  Now Brianna Wu has been forced to flee her home.  You can find one of the many articles here Polygon.

This is starting to send me into a headache inducing rage.  Yeah, boys, we are entitled in to come into the treehouse.  I love video games, but this is starting to make me embarrassed to admit the passion.

And what really amazes me is the inability of these boys (I won’t dignify them by calling them men) to grasp that threatening a woman like this is morally, legally and ethically indefensible.  So I’m going to put it in the most basic and selfish form I can think of.  Maybe that will penetrate to these mouth breathers.

You profess to love gaming so much, and then you do this.  You are giving your beloved gaming a really, really bad name.  Will that work?  Can you get that?

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