Surprising Response from a Public Figure

Andrew Sullivan is pretty okay. I took real offense over his stance in a CNN interview about this pregnant woman who is brain dead in Texas, but being forced to remain on a ventilator as a human incubator over the objections of her husband her, her father and her own DNR. The fetus was not viable when she suffered brain death, and the fetus was probably denied oxygen for such a length of time that the damage will be severe, but Texas has intervened. Sullivan was saying the child should have a right to live, and it made me crazy. So I sent him an email, and told him I was done as a subscriber. He wrote me back. Explained that he felt this way only if the child would be healthy and could live a normal life, but that part of his statement wasn’t in the clip he provided.

There is also no evidence that any attempt has been made to determine the viability of the fetus. So I remain outraged. It’s just another example of removing all agency from women, and reducing us to mere walking wombs.  But at least Sullivan responded and was thoughtful.  I never expected that.

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  • Kevin-Neil Kop says:

    Don’t you hate when someone you want to dislike actually comes across as reasonable? I remember being in a hotel on a business trip and, for some reason, had Rush Limbaugh on TV while I was doing something or other. He stopped and looked at directly at the TV and said words to the effect that the problem was not Clinton but, rather, was you, the viewers.

    I hate it when they say something intelligent and reasonable…

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