Superhero Shows — The Creepy & The Lame

Overall I’m really enjoying both ARROW and THE FLASH, but before I sing their praises I need to complain about a couple of things.  THE FLASH is squicking me out over Barry’s romantic mooning over Iris.  They were raised from childhood as siblings.  The research indicates that normal humans don’t fall in love with their siblings, and this rule holds true even when they are unrelated by blood.  Basically the studies found the close association creates sexual aversion.

And over on ARROW I really need Laurel to take a pill and calm the hell down.  Now normally I’m all for kick ass women, but we have plenty of kick ass women on the show.  I adore Felicity because she proves that she can be effective and powerful and not carry nunchucks.  She has her brain and her training.  I’d like Laurel to remember she has a brain and training.  The law is a powerful tool.  It should be honored and celebrated.  Yes, it’s a show about a vigilante, but can we have a little balance here?

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