So Many Shows — So Little Time

My friend Len Wein has started a new Tuesday night tradition.  After I finish at the barn I drive over to his and Christine’s house, I have a long soak in one of their amazing big, deep bathtubs.  I read and relax.  Then we fix dinner and after dinner it’s time for Agents of Shield and Person of Interest and now we have added The Flash to that line up.  Basically we watch shows from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

First, it’s a lot more fun to watch television with other people.  It’s the same reason I still like to go out to the movies.  Hearing another person’s reactions to what is happening on the screen increases my enjoyment.

Person of Interest just continues to delight (but folks who follow me know I love that show).  AOS had a very rocky first season and I only hung in there because I love Coulson and because I found Ward intriguing.  I just kept thinking there was more to him that mere “pretty boy”.

The Flash had a great pilot and part of that was due to the expert direction by David Nutter.  Wish I could have a show directed by David.  He’s terrific.

I had a couple of “ah come on” moments with Agents however.

———————————————————————HERE BE SPOILERS!!!!!!!—————————————————————————–

Jemma has gone undercover at a Hydra lab which is fun and cool, but as we know from Winter Soldier Hydra has been exposed and forced to flee back into the deep shadows.  But here they are with a giant facility with Hydra logos stenciled on practically every wall.  And nobody has noticed?  Really?  There there was the very nice scene where Coulson shows up at Jemma’s apartment with groceries and fixes dinner for her and gets a briefing.  Okay, I’m Hydra.  I’ve been revealed.  Authorities around the world are searching for my followers.  I have taken on staff a scientist who used to work for Shield and I don’t have her under surveillance?  That seems a trifle silly, no make that stupid.

I was glad to see a confrontation between Fitz and Ward, but it was a bit too truncated for my taste.

Despite these quibbles I still really like the show.  Probably because Marvel has got me totally invested in their universe because of the movies so I’m very tolerant of Agents for that reason.

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