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So Disgusted

Now Boner… excuse me Boehner and the Republicans are trying to deal with the deficit by gutting the Affordable Care Act.  That legislation will reduce health care costs, you morons.  I so don’t think throwing some 40 million people off health care is a financially sound move.  

Let me put it in the business terms that these people seem to favor.  Basic health care will increase productivity.  If workers can seek medical care for routine prevention it will avoid catastrophic costs later.

And a final point.  You lost.  Get over it.


7 Responses to So Disgusted

  • John says:

    Concerning the Affordable Care Act I disagree with it. No it will not
    reduce costs.I make 800.00 a month and it will increase mine. I will
    have to pay 400.00 a month to a blood sucking insurance company and I have checked.
    I think I have lost one of my rights as an American. The Government
    has taken away one of my rights to choose. My healthcare is my business
    and not yours or the government. Mine. You, are not in charge of my
    healthcare and I say this because the people are the government and
    you therefore are and you are involving yourself in my private business.
    When it comes time for me to buy healthcare how about porking me up 400
    a month to buy the mandated care or giving me some food or some gas to
    get to work because I don’t have the money because mine went for healthcare.Or maybe you could tell paramount to give me a job making
    Star Trek movies
    As for large costs later most people are not concerned with that. We are
    concerned with how to survive day to day.No it will not increase
    productivity it will decrease it.Why bust your but when the government is
    going to take away your money for healthcare. I want my money for me not
    for the government. As for the Republicans being morons I think that you are
    wrong and that you are the moron. The Democrats controlled the congress for years and seems to me
    that they are the morons.Why didn’t they clean this mess up. They had
    their shot and blew it. Also, why did they let Vietnam go on so long
    they controlled the country they could have ended it . They are the
    morons. Also Barak is not the First Afro American President because
    he is part white. So, the democrats are morons too in that respect.
    Last if Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, had not been president we
    here in the the south would be the Confederate States of America
    and could a divided US defeat Adolf Hitler.

  • John says:

    When it comes to the healthcare thing I would like to give a few thoughts.
    For many of us it is going to work a hardship. I work in a retail store.
    I make roughly 800.00 a month take home. I have to pay rent,buy food,gasoline,car insurance, and utilities. I am very fortunate that
    my parents that are on Social Security help me with utilities. I have a college
    degree with majors in American History and Library Science and a minor
    in Recreation. I have tried to the best of my ability to get work in
    these fields but cannot.I have been trying to get work in a government
    agency like the National Park Service but I don’t have
    any angles to help me. I can’t use Affirmative Action or EEO because I am
    an older white male and we are the minority now so we do not get
    government jobs and I don’t know a congressman. Wish I did not feel racist but it is hard not too. The healthcare law says I have to buy health care-Well,
    I have checked with a couple of companies and I will have to pay
    400 a month for it and it would not pay for a preexisting condition.
    So, I ask who ever wrote the article I am responding to how do I pay for
    health insurance? I also think that making me buy it is a violation of
    my civil rights as an American. It should be my choice. I do not tell
    others what type of car etc that they should buy so why should they
    be concerned about if I have health care or not. As for productivity if
    I have to spend half my salary on health care I sure am not going work
    very hard.
    As for the Republicans being morons? Are they? Take people like Trump who
    is probably a Republican did not get where they are by being morons.
    I would ask what type of business did Obama run before being a President–
    Did he manage any kind of business? No, He just worked in a community
    action agency.We need a businessman like Trump running the country. First
    thing he would do is too start cutting government costs. I think if someone
    like this could be gotton in by Republicans we could start getting some
    type of program going by NASA that would start a manned probe to Mars
    and then on and on towards the goal of intergalaxey flight.
    Maybe we could even build a spaceport in the depressed state of Michigan
    to replace car factories?

  • John says:

    SC Fi writers Keep writing Sc Fi and dreaming big and maybe something like Star
    Trek will happen. I wish someone like Abe Lincoln would appear
    and bring the country togather instead of dividing us like Obama
    and then we could start working to bring something like Star
    Trek to reality but as things are right now in this country it is
    not possible.

  • Melinda Snodgrass says:

    I’m not even sure where to start, John. Which ever state you are in they obviously have not yet set up the exchanges to purchase health care. There are going to be subsidized policies for lower income people. We have such an exchange in New Mexico thanks to the tireless work of now Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grishom. Because I can afford it I pay almost $700 a month that will help reduce costs for other less affluent. Also, the entire point of the ACA is that you cannot be denied for a pre-existing condition. I too have such a condition, and because of NM pro-active embrace of the law I can buy insurance. The companies you called have either not yet begun to honor the new law or they were misinformed. I would urge you to check again, pin them down about pre-existing in light of the new law, and also see if you state has a High risk/low income pool.

    Also, we are required by governments both state and federal to purchase car insurance, to obtain licenses to conduct certain kinds of business. There are many “limits” on our freedoms that ensure a relatively safe society.

    Also as an attorney and a business woman the idea that businessmen would run this country in a more efficient way – I couldn’t disagree more. The business model is to show profit every quarter. A government has to work on a much longer time frame. Building new bridges that will last 50 to 100 years, massive projects like the Hoover Dam that is not designed to show a quick profit, but can only be built by government effort.

    And just a point of interest. Donald Trump inherited a vast amount of money from his father — he didn’t pull himself up by the bootstraps — and managed to go bankrupt several times over the course of his flamboyant career.

    Yes, the President was a community organizer, but he overcame long odds to obtain a fine education despite being poor, and he choose to work for a better community rather than enter a white shoe law firm and make a fortune after he graduated from Harvard. The First Lady followed the same route to higher education. In many ways the Obamas represent everything the Republican Party says they value — hard work, education, a strong, traditional family. I can only assume the deep hatred directed at this man has a great deal more to do with his mixed ethnic background then with any actions he has actually taken. Truthfully he is not liberal enough for my tastes, aside from social issues — gay marriage — his stances are surprisingly similar to Reagan’s.

  • John says:

    Dear Melinda,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts.People that like Sc fi I get along with.I heard what you said!!!! I work retail as I said before. I have been with
    the co 20 years and make 10.00 an hour. I make 800.00 a month gross and have
    to pay utilities-electricity,
    natural gas,water,telephone,and Satelite dish.I also have to pay a garbage
    haul off fee. That all comes to 200.00 a month.
    After that I have to pay 660.00 rent per month I also have to pay gasoline for
    the car and food. In order to meet Mr Obamas mandate I have checked
    with Blue Cross Blue shield. I would have to pay 400.00 a month to
    get health insurance. When I checked at that time it would not cover
    preexisting conditions- As I stated I have high chlosterhaual,pardon
    the spelling, and have to take medicene to bring it down. Once every
    four months I have to go to a lab for lab work and that costs 200.00
    and after that I have to go to dr and that is 80.00.and my parents on
    fixed incomes help me with medical costs. So, as you
    can see I am having to put out many bucks. I sure hope that the
    folks don’t get their medicare cut too bad. My mom may get
    her knee replaced and it will cost alot.Also my dad had bypass
    surgery and both of my parents had stents and have to take
    medicenes. So,I sure hope that they are taken care of. I get a measly 47.00 a month
    in foodstamps.I am told I make too much to get more in foodstamps. Now, I have heard about the
    exchanges. Well, even if the exhanges got my healthcare costs down to
    200.00 a month for insurance I just could not afford to meet Obamacares demands.When I did have healthcare with my co I had to pay 50.00 every
    two weeks and I had a 250 deductable which it took me about a year
    to meet.When I had the healthcare insurance it was if I didn’t have
    it so in some ways it was no good unless you had something castrophobic.
    Instead of having Obamacare just have laws on how much drs can charge for Drs visits and
    xrays etc–Specific things.
    I don’t have the money.I can understand your viewpoint.Some writers and artists etc don’t
    make much money and maybe you might indentify with my low income situation. Now, I have read the law and it says that the
    government can’t take away our property or put liens on homes etc.
    If they can’t enforce the penalty what good is the law?? Will people pay it?
    Did I read the law wrong?If I did read it wrong I wonder what will I do?
    If I can’t pay for healthcare because of what I have said is it fair to penalize me? I have a40lk of about 10,000 bucks and a mutual fund of
    10,000 but I can’t get in those.those are for retirement. If I am
    lucky I will have those and Social Security when I retire but I will barely
    get by.I might have an income of 1500 a month if lucky and rents etc
    in big cities are not cheap.
    Now one may say get a roommate. Work three jobs. Pay the mandate. I am 60 and did work
    three jobs and was working 56 hours a week- Even if I was in the shape
    of a Special forces ranger I could not do that—-
    I wish I could get a job with the National Park Service but they do not
    have any openings.If I had a government job and didn’t have to pay so much in taxes I could go to some Star Trek Cons
    and Star Trek the Exhibition and and would not have
    to worry about health insurance because I would have government benefits. That is why I get hacked
    off at stuff about the government.I want to have money to go to cons
    and see writers like you and and actors from Sc Fi. Did you know that out of every tax dollar that the Park Service
    gets only .25 cents.A measly .25 cents. I wish the government would quit spending money
    on what I consider foolish things like waging war.They need to spend
    money waging war on poverty.
    Oh well, I need to go to Con!!!!!!! I sure hope things get better.

  • Melinda Snodgrass says:

    I expect the low income exchanges will be much less than $200. Also we have to have everybody in the pool to make this work, even the young & healthy. What we really need is Medicare for all & I believe we’ll get there. And if means people like me have to pay more in taxes to make that happen, I’m okay with that. I think healthcare should be a right not a privilege.

  • Deepak says:

    Because they have fallen for the lies and half trtuhs of the right.It surprises me that so many Americans seem not to be aware about Obama’s healthcare plans [a]. During the election, he campaigned for these changes stating that he felt it was unfair to have a system where insurance companies try to escape paying claims and was elected to bring in changes [b].First of all, too many people do not know that Obama wants to make insurance more available to all. His system is similar to that which works in Holland, Taiwan [c] and Switzerland. It works there and private healthcare companies provide most the insurance to the people there.FACT the USA spends more on healthcare PER PERSON than any other nation on the planet [d].FACT – insurance companies admit that they push up costs, buy politicians and do not pay out for many claims when they should [e].FACT the US has higher death rates for kids aged under five than western European countries with universal health coverage [f].That means that a dead American four year old would have had a better chance of life if they were born in Canada, France, the Netherlands, Cuba, Switzerland, Germany, Japan etc, all of which have universal health coverage. And no western European nation with universal healthcare has moved away from it. And the sad thing is, that the insurance companies have spent loads of money to fight these reforms [g] and loads of politicians are taking the thirty pieces of silver from them to fight the reforms, rather than fight for the health of the American people.Remember, I back my facts up with evidence. Those who say they are wrong tend not to. If they are wrong, e-mail me with proof and let me know.

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