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While I was freezing at the barn I had this realization of just how good the SKYFALL script actually was.  For some reason I was thinking about the moment where Bond tells the old family retainer, “Some men are coming to kill us.  We’re going to kill them first.”  Then I remembered M taking a few shots, and she misses.  She bitches to Bond that she was a terrible shot.  Which is a lovely symmetry with Moneypenny, and how she fails to make the shot in the beginning of the film and hits Bond.  MoneyPenny leaves field work, and you wonder if that was the same trajectory that M took all those years ago.

It’s those little touches that make a script just sing.

I realize as I’ve written this that it might come across as “girls can’t shoot straight”, but that wasn’t how it played because you know M is the smartest, toughest person in any room, and I took it as an indication that Moneypenny might be the next M in twenty or so years.

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  • Darlene M. Stapp says:

    You got my interest – can’t but have to wait. You go lady … where no writer has gone before and that’s the way it looks to me.

  • Rebecca Hewett says:

    I was struck at how they did M’s behavior at the hearing, as the politician is telling her how she and her branch are obsolete because there are no more threats and M is arguing that there will always be threats, but from new and unknown places. M just calmly sits there, knowing that someone is coming to assassinate her, but purposely endangering her life and everyone else’s in the room to prove her point to the clueless politician when the assassin shoots up the place. It was a hell of a stunt to keep her branch funded.

    I love she was written with such sense of purpose, calm demeanor, (if you’ll pardon use of the term) balls, dedication to her beliefs, and faith in the ability of her people. Yet at the same time, I’ve never gotten the impression in any of the movies that she is heartless. Just the consummate professional in a job that requires true life and death decisions.

    I will truly miss Judy Dench’s M.

  • Melinda Snodgrass says:

    Yes, she was just wonderful in the role, and I love how Feinnes makes the point that she’s got a soft spot for Bond. Probably the only person who ever got under her skin. And he, as the psychologically damaged orphan was always challenging yet wanting to please this mother-figure.

    Just great stuff.

  • Michael Woo says:

    Just finished watching Skyfall, again. Love it still…except for the final scene. I’m sure the final dialogue between Bond and Mallory was changed from the theatrical version to the dvd. I believe there was still a ‘denial’, or even a ‘rebliousness’ in the theatrical version which lent to, and seemed to fit Bond’s character. If I remember correctly, after Mallory asks Bond if he’s ready to resume work, Bond replies with ‘Sir’, not addressing Mallory as M. Something I thought was a tribute to the deep respect and relationship Bond had with Dench’s M. Mallory corrects him with, “M”, which Bond replies with, “Sir”. This refusal to acknowledge Mallory as the new M, for me, was perfect in ending this film. As far as Bond is concerned, there’s only one M, and she’s gone, but not Bond’s maverick attitude toward the top brass. In the dvd version, all this is tossed aside as Bond obediently does as he’s told, and calls Mallory M. As much as I love this movie, the ending in the dvd version always leaves me with a frustrated aftertaste.

    • Melinda Snodgrass says:

      That’s really interesting, Michael. I don’t remember from seeing the film in the theater that particular exchange. I actually haven’t watched my DVD yet. I was going to do a binge of all three films in quick succession because I think QUANTUM will make more sense and work better if I do that. I read the Bond books when I was a little kid (my dad was wonderful and not at all the typical parent. He saw nothing wrong with his 10 year old daughter reading James Bond, and they were really tame though I guess they were considered racy back in the day). Anyway, I didn’t know all the orphan/Scottish stuff so seeing Skyfall really put his relationship with M in total perspective. I just think the Craig films have been brilliant and I’m so glad he’s up for the next one. Bond aging and dealing with all that is very powerful in this time of the aging Baby Boomers.

      • Michael Woo says:

        I agree. I was raised with Connery, so I’ve a bent for him. But looking more objectively, Craig IS a brilliant Bond. And, I feel he’s honored, not only the character, but his craft by receiving the role with integrity. I feel Casino should have gotten him an Oscar nomination. However, Bond is doomed to be not taken seriously by the Academy. Greeat idea to watch the three a binge; one, is for what you described that Solace would make more sense, and two, BECAUSE IT’S BOND! DOES ONE REALLY NEED ANOTHER REASON! Like you, my grandfather didn’t think it bad to take his 9 year old grandson to see Dr. No and Goldfinger, in a double billing, at the local drive-thru. THAT WAS AWESOME! It’s great to talk Bond with a true fan. By the way, it was racy back then.

        • Melinda Snodgrass says:

          I loved the Bond movies, but Connery never really hit for me. I thought Pierce Brosnan did a nice job, but Craig is truly the finest actor to inhabit the role, and I just love him. For me he is the quintessential Bond, and he’s very, very pretty too. 🙂

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