Random Thoughts and Apologies

I know, I know.  I’ve been a real stranger at my own blog.  Blame it on the surgery and trying to work while recovering from said surgery.  If I’m going to write it ought to be on a book that is due February first and a proposal for a new space opera series.  I’ve also got a graphic novel to write, but that has to wait a bit.  Certainly until the artist has been hired.  I want to work closely with the artist while I’m writing the book.

What have I been up to other than trying to rest and heal?  Reading.  A fair amount, and I’ve realized that the books that grab me always grab me because I love the characters more than the world or the situation.  If I don’t care about the characters I don’t care how amazing the world or clever the plot.  Though plot is why I prefer genre books to “literature”.  Give me a good S.F. novel or mystery novel any day.

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