Political Musings on a Monday Morning

Here are my thoughts on the probable outcome of tomorrow’s special election in Alabama. Roy Moore is probably going to win. I’d like to hope it will be a squeaker, but I fear that whatever the margin it will be a win for the sexual predator.

And inevitably Democrats and liberals and independents and progressives are going to get depressed. Don’t. The fact we will have come close to sending a Democrat to Congress from a fire engine red state is pretty remarkable.

Remember that the Republicans are snake bit in the butt and gonna die either way. Either a moderate Democrat comes to the Senate while at the same time voters won’t forget that they were all in on Roy Moore, or the GOP is going to have to deal with having a serial molester of underage and teenage girls who places his batshit religious views over the Constitution, thinks that America was great back in the 1840’s even with that whole slavery thing, is homophobic and Islamophobic, supports a religious test to serve in government, and feels that women voting has caused a lot of problems serving in the Senate.

And how are they going to deal with that? An ethics investigation that can last several years and then they take no action? How do you keep Moore from spouting off his batshit crazy views? On what committees is he seated? They have to know the press is going to be all over this guy waiting for his next insane mouth eruption. All of this while they are going into 2018 having passed nothing except (probably) a deeply unpopular tax bill.

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