Oh The Hypocrisy

I’m cooking breakfast this morning and they have a Republican guy on The Daily Rundown talking about how gay marriage really is a conservative value because marriage is good, and because the Republican party is all about, yah know, Freedom, and keeping the government out of people’s private lives.  And I just lost it.  I’m yelling at the television “What about my right to control my fertility?  To make choices about when or if I want a child?”

This is the most hypocritical, disingenuous bunch of white men that have ever existed.  And how is it that more than 51% of the population is deemed to have fewer rights and “freedom” then any other members of society?  The Republicans are against equal pay for equal work for women, they want to condemn us to unwanted pregnancies that will ruin young women’s lives and limit our ability to enter the marketplace and compete.

Maybe at its core this really is about a group of people who are unwilling to accept modernity.  That want a return to a world where minorities and queers and women knew their place and showed proper respect to white males.

One Response to Oh The Hypocrisy

  • I’ll see your Republican hypocrites with the Democratic hypocrites who claim to be in favor of the little guy against big business, but who consistently favor large, bureaucratic solutions with high overhead costs that big businesses can pay, but that self-employed people like me and employees of small business find burdensome or intolerable. Our health care system, for example, is based on the idea that you either work for a big organization with health benefits, or are poor and get welfare and Medicaid, neither of which ever worked well for the people in between—and the Affordable Care Act’s fix for it was to attempt to compel everyone to participate in those two systems, with a combination of subsidies (the carrot) and tax penalties (the stick), because the people who wrote it were whores for the big medical industries.

    There’s not much to choose between the two of them. The Republicans want to take us back to the post-World War I era when women and minorities and gays were repressed; the Democrats want to take us back to the post-World War II “organization man” era when everyone was a cog in a big bureaucratic system. It’s time for them both to die off.

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