New Mexico Wonder

As I’m driving home from the barn today I saw a critter dart across the road in front of me.  At first I thought it was a coyote, but it was too small.  It paused under a stand of piñon trees, laid down, and regarded me.  Then I realized it was a feline.  I stopped the car, rolled down the window and called.  It blinked at me.  That when I realized it was too damn big to be a house cat.  He/she watched and I talked to the big kitty.  Then I got out of the car, and it started to flee.  That’s when I saw the tiny bobbed tail, and my suspicion was confirmed.  It was a bobcat.  I apologized for startling her, got back in the car, and we looked at each other for awhile longer then I went home.  I love living in New Mexico, and out here on my mountaintop.  This is what I saw today.

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  • Tony Guida says:

    Reminds me of growing up in Pedee with Judy and Sam. We never saw anything as exotic as a bobcat, but we did see bears, deer – the usual Pacific Northwest “natives.” I know Sasquatch is a legend that is previlant in the Oregon / Washington area, but I would have loved to catch a glimpse of a Bigfoot out in the thick woods behind the house. My brother John and I would have been amazed to see something as cool as this bobcat. Great share Melinda.

  • Andy Greenhouse says:

    That’s really beautiful!

  • Melinda Snodgrass says:

    Someday, Tony, I must get to Pedee and visit Judy and Sam. Work just keeps intruding. And horses. Any chance you’ll come along on one of their southwest visits? I’d love to meet you for real and not just exchange phosphers.

  • says:

    Amazing stuff. Thanks for taking the time. I’ll definitely come back to see what’s new and tell my coworkers about it, hcg.

  • Judy Guida says:

    Now that is a coincidence – I saw a beautiful bobcat yesterday as I was driving near Pedee. We have one that spends a bit of time on our property, I am always hoping to find a den in the spring and have a chance of seeing bobcat kittens. Yes, come for a visit, I bet we could make it happen in 2013.

  • hcg drops says:

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