My Day In The Mountains

I had a plan for the day.  I had worked very hard in the morning on breaking a script I’m going to write, and had a lot of success.  Just a couple of scenes to add to act four and I think it’s cooked.  I had promised myself a day up in the Santa Fe National Forest looking at aspens.

My plan was to get there at 2:00, hike and then come back down to town and go see Crimson Peak at 4:00.  Well, that didn’t happen because a business thing kept me from reaching the mountains until 3:30.  I decided that the movie would be there tomorrow, but the aspens not might be.  And indeed a number of them had already gone to winter bare, but it was still magnificent.  Here’s what I saw when I reached Big Tesuque Trail.


I first took the trail beside the stream, but the amount of moisture had left it very muddy and it was tough going, especially since I’d forgotten my walking stick.  I have missed my aspen walk the past couple of years, and before that the stream was almost dry from the drought.  Not this time the water chuckled and murmured, there was a light breeze that set the aspens to quaking and golden leaves floated down into the water to be swept away.

I returned to the parking area and took the left hand trail which was in much better condition, but it’s a steep climb especially when you’re at 9000 feet.  here’s a sample of the trail.

As I hiked I found one last, lone holdover of summer.  Poor little flower is doomed to die.  Most likely tonight.  After exploring part of Tesuque I drove up to Aspen View.

I hiked up the road.  People were snapping photos, dogs and children were playing.  People were smiling and talking to each other whether they were acquainted or not.  Partway up I found a structure that the rangers often build out of fallen aspens.  I wanted to have a campfire and stay, but I feared it wouldn’t keep off the impending rain.

It was a good day.

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