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I guess my blog is viewed by more people then I realize because my lyrical post about The Magicians landed me an interview/discussion about the show for Wired.  Here’s the link where you can listen in while David Barr Kirtley interviews Andrew Liptak and me about the show.

Wired Geeks Guide The Magicians

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  • Syd Henderson says:

    I’ve gotten addicted to the series, although I’m glad they’ve cut out the party scenes, which were annoying, to the point where I was wondering why anybody would go to them. (Okay, the possibility of sex.)

    Lots more sex than I was expecting, and appealing characters. The girls who play Alice and Kady are gorgeous enough that I feel guilty. Quentin is kind of blah and about the least interesting of the major characters. It’s the rest of the cast I like.

    This is all your fault, by the way. The show was showing around “Lost Girl,” but I’d ignored it and am catching up on it on Huluplus (and Cox).

    • Melinda Snodgrass says:

      Quentin grew on me. It was rather refreshing to have an insecure leading man after all the omni-competent heroes we’re given. I adore Penny and Elliot. They are just fascinating. I thought the way Elliot goes from seeming supremely confident to a very damaged soul while Quentin begins to find his center was an interesting choice for the character arcs. I’m glad you ended up enjoying it. I thought it was an amazing adaptation.

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