Mass Effect Fantasy

Major game neepery is about to ensue so if you’re not into Mass Effect this may seem like I’ve begun speaking in tongues.

So I had this fantasy about the DLC I’d loved to have played.  I had fun with the Citadel DLC, but thought there were a number of missed opportunities.  And I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the Shepard clone.  (Mostly while I’m stuck on an elliptical machine for 40 minutes.  It’s good to let your mind wander.)

Anyway, my Shepard who is a boy scout tried to save his “brother”, but of course that didn’t work out.  But it occurred to me that this is another Shepard and Shepard manages to elude death and even actual death on a regular basis.  So what if Shepard clone survived the fall from the Normandy and ended up in a clinic down in the Wards getting patched up.

BioWare indicated that when the Reapers decided to relocate the Citadel to Earth some people would have holed up, barricaded themselves down in the Wards and kept fighting.  In my alternate reality you have a Shepard on hand, and so you could have him/her limping around organizing the defense and keeping people alive until the other Shepard could save the day.  It would be a way for the clone to learn to stop being a racist asshole and also redeem their soul.

My feeling is why waste a good clone.  😏

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