Longing For A Game

Let me amend that to say I’m longing for a good game.  Life right now is a bit stressful, and I’d like to have an escape.  I think it’s time for a return to Ferelden and Dragon Age:  Origins.  I used to just load up one of the Mass Effect games and go play in that world and see old friends, but that ending of game 3 really has rather soured me on that franchise.  I may play all three games again knowing I will stop before the end, but I could really use an immersive experience right now.

I put aside Skyrim because I was faced with another unpleasant fight at the end of another pointless dungeon crawl where I would once again kill the monster take the treasure.  Gorgeous graphics only carry me so far.  I’m very much afraid that RPG style games with companions have gone the way of the dinosaurs since they clearly take a lot more work.  I guess I’ll still buy my back up XBox-360 so I can replay the old games I do love.

My last little plea late on a Wednesday night — please don’t let them mess up Dragon Age 3.

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  • Telltale’s Walking Dead! Yes, I just mentioned this in another, older entry of yours, but just saw this one and couldn’t help plug it again seeing that you’re up for a new game to invest in. If you’re hesitant about whether it’s right for you, you can download Episode 1 of Season 1on Xbox Live, rather than risk buying the entire season sight unseen. Having discovered it last year (and gone on to play the extra episode 400 Days and now Season Two this year), it totally took me back to what I loved so much about the ME series (minus the ending, of course). It’s an interactive, character-based drama that sucked me right in which, unlike ME3, did not end up disappointing me. Highly recommend you give it a chance.

    • Melinda Snodgrass says:

      Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll check it out. Right now I haven’t had much time to play anything. I’m really pushing to finish this Wild Card graphic novel. I started Jade Empire, but didn’t get a good handle on the combat so I need to start over and get familiar with the game play before I get killed again.

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