Interesting Articles About the Assault on Science

Well, Bobby Jindal wasn’t wrong when he said the Republicans needed to stop being the stupid party.  I’ve come across two new articles.  One in Slate about how the preponderance of scientists are Democrats or independents, and another about how Texas is sneaking in the teaching of Creationism into the public schools.   Sometimes I dispair for the nation.  Anyway check them out.  The links are:

Scientists & the GOP

Of Course It’s Texas

One Response to Interesting Articles About the Assault on Science

  • Cryogaijin says:

    It doesn’t help when the favored “news” outlet for the GOP won a court case that permits them to lie in the “news”

    It also doesn’t help how “intelligent” characters are portrayed in media. Bones is an excellent example here, as is Jayne in the Mentalist. It isn’t surprising that a chunk of the population thinks that all “so called” intelligentsia are all awkward myopic overfocused.

    Keeping in mind how science topics are portrayed on the news, as well as how badly they get oversimplified by the media, add to that the issues between the terms “theory” and “Hypothesis” and issues with “science” become much more reasonable.

    More and better education needed. And keep the invisible pink unicorns out of the classroom.

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