I’m Lucky

Thought I’d just post a little update about what’s happening.  I learned yesterday that a comic book proposal was selected to become a graphic novel.  I’m really jazzed.  Writing for comics is like doing a screenplay, but without the budgetary limitations.  More on the actual comic as more details are locked down.

I’m working on a novelette set in the universe of my urban fantasy series.  It’s going to be fun — a raid on fairyland or the Fey, and it will tie up a loose end so I don’t have to deal with it in the third novel in the series which I hope to have delivered in January.

I’m working on the first chapters and proposal on my space opera proposal.

And there’s High Stakes, the next Wild Card book which will be one of our “mosaic novels”.

I also have to apologize.  I’m probably not going to get the final section of the Mass Effect story posted tomorrow.  I need to fiddle with it a bit.  Maybe I’ll fill in with a few more recipes.

When I look at all this I realize how much I love being a writer.  How much I enjoy the actual work of writing.  And how damn lucky I am to have work.  So I better get back to work.

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  • Your success is more because you’re _good_ at what you do than that you’re lucky. Luck is all fine and good and sometimes it helps, but luck alone can’t make for a successful career as a writer.

    • Melinda Snodgrass says:

      You’re very kind and a dear friend, Steve, and yes, I do work hard and I try to get better, but I do think luck plays about 10% in your career. 90% perspiration and 10% luck. Who did you meet along the way? What connections did you make? Having the right book at the right time, etc. etc.

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