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I went to the health club this morning.  They were going to close at noon, and I wanted to use the rowing machine.  I figured the place would be dead at ten o’clock in the morning on Christmas Eve.  Instead it was a zoo.  Both rowing machines were taken, almost all the bikes and most of the elliptical machines.  People were pumping iron and using the weight machines.  I ended up doing a 30 minute run on the elliptical because it was clear the rowing machines were booked for the duration.  I then did a bit of weight work, and sit-ups all the while dodging people moving doggedly from machine to machine.

I wondered what had driven this fit of physical fitness for such large numbers of people?  The fact the club was closing at noon?  Was it a preemptive strike against the calories that were going to be consumed tonight and tomorrow?  If so, I don’t think it works that way.  That you can bank burning calories against a feast the following day.  It would be nice if you could, but….

I’ve never been to the club on a Christmas Eve so this was startling to me.  I may have to check next year and see if it is an actual phenomenon.

On the way home I passed a roadside area where people sell goods all year long.  In the summer it’s trees to plant, and wood work and sculptures.  In the winter it’s firewood, and Christmas trees, but today there was a man selling “Sweets and Meats, and New Mexico Wild Flower Honey”.  I was nearly out of honey so I stopped for a jar.  For some reason it made it feel like Christmas.

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