Falling Skies – My Guilty Pleasure

While recovering from food poisoning, and with a completely whacked out sleep cycle I ended up watching all the banked episodes of the TNT show FALLING SKIES.  I’ve liked this show from the beginning.  Yeah, it’s another alien invasion story, but it looked great, I thought Noah Wyle was good as the history professor father, and I really liked his three sons.  Every time you thought you knew what the aliens wanted something would surprise you.  “A ragtag band of humans fight off overwhelming alien firepower using grit and cunning”, what’s not to love.

Apparently I missed some episodes because somewhere our hero and the doctor got together and had a baby.  This season was all about recovering Tom Mason’s lost wife and child, and there were some creative episodes in this run.  And now it’s over until next summer which has me sort of bummed out.

I did notice in the final episode that the writers used a hoary old Hollywood trick to jump over the years when a child is just a blob of protoplasm that eats, excretes and then grows up enough to throw temper tantrums to have some alien juju take the little girl from infancy to age six.  I understand why they did it even as I shook my head over it, and I’m willing to give them a pass.  I’m less sure I want to give them a pass on the little girl having strange powers.  Between the spikes and the worms a lot of the younger cast members have semi-super powers, and I’m really afraid they are going to overdue this.  Unless the theme of the show is going to be about human transformation.  We’ll see.

I was happy that the aliens who have arrived to help us didn’t turn out to be Eeeevil, I really hope that doesn’t happen next season, but they are nicely, benevolently dismissive of us which was a nice change.

My real frustration — Why am I not writing for this show?

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