Arrow Giggles

I love Arrow.  It is completely over the top now, but I don’t care.  Felicity is great, Ray — wonderful.  Thea — cool.  Malcomb Merlyn is my beloved Capt. Jack aka John Barrowman so I’m happy.  Diggle is the essential decent man.  I am a bit worried that Roy is gone from the show and I really liked him.  He’s very easy on the eyes too.  Actually there is just a whole lot of lovely eye candy for the ladies between Oliver, Roy, Diggle and Ray.

Here’s where I’m getting the giggles.  The League of Assassins operates out of Nanda Parbat in this hoary old building.  Now I understand it would be hard to wire the joint for electricity, but seriously, the League can’t spring for a few generators?  All the candles and fire pits are very atmospheric, but electricity is your friend.  Not only lights, but refrigerators, charge your cell phones, etc.

It was one of the things that always drove me nuts about X Files too.  Why doesn’t somebody try the light switch?

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