It a rather marathon session I finished watching the second season of ARROW last night.  I still really like the show, in particular Stephen Amell — Oliver Queen, Willa Holland — Thea Queen,  David Ramsey — John Diggle, and Emily Bett Rickards — Felicity.  I also have a soft spot for John Barrowman — he’ll always be Captain Jack from Dr. Who and Torchwood and he makes a fun villain in ARROW.

I really, really wish they had a lawyer on their writing staff however.  I can deal with miracle drugs that make people super strong and super violent.  I can deal with a bow being faster than a gun (silly but fun), but the legal system in Starling City — well, let’s just say the Justice Department would have moved in years ago, and clearly the law schools in Starling are mail order and no actual classes every occur.

People keep getting arrested for ludicrous reasons.  Daddy getting put in jail for exchanging information with the Arrow as a way to try and make him give up the identity of the masked man.  Better ways to do that.  Fire him and threaten to take away his pension for starters.  And our supposedly brilliant lawyer — Laurel — solves every case by blackmailing the D.A.  How does the law work in a society were there are people with meta-human powers?  And how do you incarcerate those people?  I want to see something that tries to realistically addresses these issues and shows a competent attorney at work.

I am really liking the cross over with THE FLASH which is also an enjoyable show though lighter in tone then ARROW.  I like superheroes.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have written for and edited the Wild Cards series with George R.R. Martin for all these years, but I want ARROW to be even better by not undercutting one of the cornerstones of our county — the legal system.

I, for example, would be a great addition to the show.  🙂

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