And Speaking Of…..

Speaking of covers — Tor is going to be re-releasing the first two EDGE books but with brand new, more contemporary covers.  My original covers were beautiful, but they didn’t give you much sense of what the books were about.  My editor, Stacy Hill, and I have had fun picking out several artists who have the right look and feel for the books.  I’m really excited.  I think the first two books will come out as trade paperbacks, and maybe the third book as well.  I’m really hoping the re-launch will give these books a chance to find their audience (and maybe get burned by fundie preachers).  I really need at least one more book to actually finish the story and bring us to the ending I’ve had planned since the very beginning.

Stacy was trying to get a visual on Richard since my books are “in her queue” and she hasn’t read them yet.  I described him and then said “he’s like an anime character made real”.  Which sent my wonderfully geeky editor off to show me some pictures from an anime series she knows.  And it was perfect.  The guy is Richard even down to the great suit.  🙂  Stacy and I really are the perfect match.  She plays video games and love Dragon Age too.  She’s the one who got me started on KOTOR, and was giving me advice about how to handle this tough Sand People fight when we met up at Comic-Con.  She is really cool.

And aside from all her nerd credentials she is a terrific editor.  My books are always improved from her notes and input.

Oh, here’s a sample of what she sent me.

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