ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend George R.R. Martin underwent the Ice Bucket Challenge to combat ALS also know as Lou Gerig’s Disease.  I lost my half brother John to this horrible disease when he was only 60.  It attached his throat first so he was soon unable to eat, but he refused all extreme measures and faced death with a dignity that I hope I can emulate when my time comes.  One of the hallmarks of the Ice Bucket Challenge is that you challenge others to take the cold dunk themselves.  George challenged me, and I was happy to accept.  So on Saturday while we’re having a barbecue at my house in New Mexico George will wield the bucket, and I will get drenched.

I have made my donation in memory of my half-brother.  If any one else interested you can donate here.  ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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