A Not So Gentle Reminder

If you visit my website and come to my blog and post a comment, and it attacks my friends — one in particular — you know who I am talking about so pay attention trolls.  I will file your comment in a round file called trash.  You do again and I’ll block you.  I moderate all comments so you aren’t going to have an opportunity to spread your nastiness on my site.  Because it’s my site.  My rules.  My friend.  My best friend.

So take your entitled little self off someplace else to bitch and moan and pretend you’re clever, and you can brag to your troll friends “how you really told him”, but deep down inside you’ll know you’re just pathetic and nobody ever saw your post.

3 Responses to A Not So Gentle Reminder

  • Tim Keltner says:

    I have been defending this person for YEARS online, in forums, in comments at the end of articles and a couple of times in a panel room where our friend was participating. It is exhausting work isn’t it, Melinda? Unfortunately, there seems to be an endless supply of asshats that think they can tell our friend what to do and what he should be doing with HIS time. F— them!

  • Drew Bittner says:

    I’ve been known to speak up a time or two when the subject of this good gentleman arises. My position is… 1) he is not beholden to anyone except his own conscience, goodwill and his word, 1a) he does not therefore *owe* anyone any exercise of his talent except as he chooses, 2) his projects are his to choose, not any reader’s, and 3) enjoy what he creates and hope for more, but realize that there are no guarantees.
    I’ve been quite privileged to have met this gentleman on a few occasions. Those who malign him almost certainly have not had that honor, or they might realize he’s one hell of a guy.

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